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Santa Caterina Enduro Tour, one August memorable day with the Livigno MTB guides!

Santa Caterina Enduro Tour, one August memorable day with the Livigno MTB guides!

As winter approaches, we have warm memories of a tour we made in August with a group of Danish friends in Santa Caterina Valfurva. An amazing day on unique trails, enough to want to “push” for more transfers next summer from Livigno to the areas of Bormio and Santa Caterina, to experience an unforgettable day of enduro riding! Here is a description of the tour, which you can also find in the page dedicated to Excursions Catalogue


Time: 6h – 8h            Difficulty: technique S3-S4, fitness condition 5

Height differential: 650 m (positive)      2500 m (negative)

Santa Caterina, an hour’s journey from Livigno, offers a unique opportunity for bikers staying in Alta Valtellina to enjoy a fantastic experience riding along exceptional trails.

During the summer of 2016 a round of the SuperEnduro series was held in Santa Caterina, and for this event, truly unique and special trails were prepared which are now waiting to offer you an extremely exhilirating experience, in the first part of our tour!

Setting out from Santa Caterina (alt. 1738 m), we take the gondola to Sunny Valley, 1000 m higher. A little further up, the first descent begins, first on rough loose ground with narrow switchbacks, then decisively more fast and flowy leading to the Passo dell’Alpe and then, after a particularly technical stretch, on the road which from Santa Caterina rises to the Gavia Pass.

With kneepads lowered, we face a climb on asphalt of about 3.5 km to reach “Rifugio Berni”. From here we take a track which offers us breathtaking views but where extra careful attention must be paid on some exposed sections. A very long descent, with the final part through undergrowth, will assert our technical capabilities as guides!

On arrival in Santa Caterina, a shuttle will be waiting to take us to “Rifugio Branca”, for the second part of our tour, the “Tibetan Bridges”. The climb with the  shuttle/jeep is, in itself, a thrilling experience given the steepness of the road (don’t look down!!!). After having lunch at the “Branca” cabin , we set off towards the “Forni” Glacier, with some compulsory bike carrying. The experience of being able to reach the base of the glacier by bike, is not an every day achievement and the more fortunate of you may also find some cartridge cases from the First World War embedded in the ice (this actually happened last summer with our Danish friends!!). Unfortunately you will realise just how our our glaciers are retreating, seeing at first hand great portions of detached ice. We will “dance” across the two Tibetan Bridges to take us to the other side where we will revel in the last fantastic descent of the day. The first part presents some sections on morainic rock while the second part takes us through some woods, arriving finally back in Santa Caterina. AN UNFORGETTABLE DAY OF TRUE ENDURO RIDING!